Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands


Download here the 'Working paper: energy transition and demand for raw materials'.

08:30     Registration and Walk in (coffee!)

9:30     Welcome and explanation of the goals of the conference by moderator Dirk Jan Koch, Special Envoy for Natural Resources, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

09.40   Minerals and metals needed for economies with a low CO2 footprint: which minerals and where from?

10.10     Relation energy transition and raw materials needed

10:30   Break (coffee and networking)

11:00   Plenary panel session: Due diligence in changing supply chains of raw materials (room: Van Kleffenzaal)

12:30   Lunch and networking

13:30   Break-out panel sessions

1 Responsible sourcing and mining for the energy transition (more info) (room: 1D29)


2 Changing supply chains in the energy transition: implications for mineral rich developing countries and for western demand (more info) (room 1C35)


3 Successful Raw material governance (more info) (room: 1D43)


4 Circular economy and the energy transition (more info) (room: Van Kleffenzaal)


5 Batteries for electricity storage and ecodesign (more info) (room: 1D91)

15:00   Break (Tea and networking)

15:30   Plenary session: challenges and opportunities for all, moderated by Dirk Jan Koch
Interactive program to share all insights of today and point of actions by all delegates

Moderator: Dirk Jan Koch - Ministery of Foreign Affairs

16:30   Plenary: conclusion and way forward by Kees Rade, Ambassador for Sustainable Development

17:00   Drinks and bitterballen